Who we are

Takutai Trust was established by the Maori Commercial Aquaculture Claims Settlement Act 2004 to support Iwi in relation to the aquaculture settlement. Takutai Trust is serviced by Te Ohu Kaimoana.

We are tasked with acting as the eyes, ears and mouthpiece for the collective interests of Iwi Aquaculture Organisations in relation to the aquaculture settlement.

Our purpose

Holding and administering settlement assets

We are responsible for receiving aquaculture settlement assets from the Crown and regional councils, and then allocating those assets to relevant Iwi Aquaculture Organisations.

Facilitating aquaculture settlements between Iwi and the Crown

We work with Iwi and the Crown to assist them both to negotiate and enter regional aquaculture settlement agreements with each other.

Allocating and transferring settlement assets to Iwi

Once regional aquaculture settlement assets are transferred from the Crown to Takutai Trust, we work with Iwi to agree how those assets should be allocated. We then transfer assets in accordance with the agreements that Iwi Aquaculture Organisations reach.

Maintaining an Iwi Aquaculture Register

The Iwi Aquaculture Register is available here.